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Value your customers with content and benefits

Telephone brands and internet service providers are embedded in the daily lives of their customers. Loyalty in this sector depends largely on economic criteria, network quality and customer service. However, in order to stand out from their competition and become more loyal, brands in the telecommunication sector must also provide their subscribers with exclusive services and benefits, in order to increase the perceived value of the service packages offered.

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Programme de rétention client

Increase average subscription time and reduce churn

The telecommunications sector is highly competitive, and every percentage gained in reducing the churn rate has a considerable economic impact for companies in this sector. From anticipating at-risk clients to their personalised handling in the event of a will to terminate, through actions to compensate for identified dissatisfaction, relational programmes allow to give coherence and tools to the strategy against churn.

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Programme relationnel - Vente directe

Encourage advocacy and referrals

The sponsorship offer remains one of the main recruitment levers for telecommunication services, and the most competitive acquisition lever. It is also important to integrate sponsorship into the customer experience at all points of contact, and to propose the most relevant and rewarding reward offers. The choice of its telecommunications package by a consumer is informed and considered according to very rational criteria: the prescription by "ambassador" customers is therefore a very important and decisive factor for the conversion of prospects.

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