Programme à points

Create a lasting bond with your clients

Contacts between real estate companies and their clients, whether buyers, sellers, lessors or tenants, are often relatively distant. Designing and animating a relational programme based on personalised content, exclusive benefits, and rewards from engagement actions helps create a lasting and stronger bond over time.

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Boostez votre conquête de clients grâce au parrainage

Boost your customer acquisition thanks to referrals

Few projects are as engaging as buying real estate. That is why the recommendations of relatives play such an essential role in the realisation of buying projects.

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Décuplez le potentiel d’influence de vos meilleurs clients

Increase your best customers' influence potential tenfold

Your best customers are probably your best asset. Identify them, value them, and rely on them to make your brand shine and consolidate your reputation. By relying on them to answer questions from your prospects, on a forum or at events, you will significantly increase your conversion rates.

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Boost your sales representatives' motivation and performance

The quality and motivation of your sales representatives, in the real estate sector, is the key to success. That's why, by enrolling them in a coherent programme, combining incentive, emulation, and support, you will increase their potential and the performance of your sales team.

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Empower your sales partner network

The sale of wealth management and investment products in real estate often involves distribution through a partner network. The relationship with your partners, advisors, agencies, can be animated and consolidated in order to promote the sale of your products.

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