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Promote online registration of your customers

Beyond your digital subscribers, Your audience (non-subscribers and paperweight subscribers) is very wide. The relational programme, based on personalised content or benefits, provides you with a strong lever to motivate the online registration of these contacts, and thus embed them in your CRM (CRM on-boarding) device.

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Leoo - Marketing relationnel - Télécom

Retain your customers and limit churn

Like any activity based on a subscription logic, customer retention is a key factor of the economic model of media players. Limiting the churn of a subscriber requires the activation of different levers upstream (optimisation of the rate of consumption of content, access to benefits) and at the time of the re-subscription period.

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Promote your content and boost your audience

As a media sector player, you have a valuable asset: your content. Promoting them, by customising their distribution according to the interests and behaviors of customers, increases their impact and audience. That's why creating a relational programme that better qualifies your audience's interests and personalises the presentation of content is essential.

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Increase the value of your customer capital to better monetise it

Audience knowledge is increasingly central to media activity: increasing the audience is no longer enough, it is also a matter of being able to better target through a better knowledge of each visitor or reader identified. Thus, increasing the accuracy of targeting through more secure identification and richer data collected, increases the value of your media to advertisers.

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