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Enrich your CRM and get to know your customers better

When you sell your products to professionals through a network of distributors, creating a loyalty programme is a great way to reconnect with your end customers: it allows you to register them (CRM onboarding), qualify them according to their activity and need, and keep track of their purchases history. When you already have a CRM, the relational programme allows you to make your customer animation strategy alive and get to know your customers better.

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Support your professional clients in the development of their business

As part of a B2B relationship, it is essential to design marketing animation around support: to promote the knowledge and prescription of your products by your professional customers through technical and learning content, personalised follow-up, help tools, and training. Relational programmes, integrating content and access to services based on customer status, are therefore an ideal support to strengthen your bond with your customers.

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Create a privileged point of contact with your customers

By centralising your services and benefits to your professional customers, you give great value to the customer relationship through the digital programme. This way, you create a platform that becomes a regular and high value point of contact for your customers, with a high rate of engagement. This programmes turns out a very efficient communication channel to communicate with your customers in a personalised manner on your offers in order to generate up-sell and cross-sell.

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Boost your sales

Loyalty programmes are perfectly suited to the B2B relationship: by applying point scales by product or product lines, you direct your sales towards products with higher added value. Boosters campaigns allow you to boost sales of certain products over defined periods of time, or in a specific segment of your market. Finally, by fine-tuning your customers ' transactional profiles, you can create individualised scenarios to encourage the discovery of new products.

Associate your distributors with the animation of your end customers

In implementing a relational programme, your distributors are your best allies. They are an effective point of contact to communicate about your programme. They might even be interested in it themselves, in two possible ways: on the one hand, by rewarding their own involvement with an incentive programme from distributors, and on the other hand by associating them with the relational communication of the program me and creating exclusive benefits and boosters for their customers.

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Create a managing tool for your sales representatives

To grow your business, you need to manage both, your large customer accounts as well as your smaller customers: the "diffuse" market. In both cases, the relational programme provides an ideal driving tool for your sales representatives, giving them access to a back office to track their customer's activity, visualise trends, and make timely contact through a clienteling interface. The platform also makes it easy to deploy an incentive and training programme dedicated to sales representatives.

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