Programme relationnel - Luxe - CRM

Enrich your CRM

More than in any other sector, the customer of a luxury brand expects customisation, service, and more generally a recognition of its loyalty. The promise of better support through a "serviceable" relational programme encourages customers to register during their purchase, online or in-store, and creates the conditions for a better understanding of customers, transactional and behavioral, and a personalised customer relationship.

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Luxe - Créez un lien fort et durable avec vos clients

Create a lasting bond with your clients

Keeping in touch with a customer after their purchase is essential for luxury brands. Indeed, there is usually a long interval between two purchases as they are very involving products. To strengthen the relationship with the customer over time means creating contact opportunities and recognising all the “positive” actions of the customer towards the brand: shop visits, participation in events, viewing and sharing of content, etc.

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Programme relationnel - Luxe - Parrainage

Boost your acquisition through sponsorship

The relationship between a luxury brand and its customers is engaging, strong, and therefore favourable to sponsorship. To create a device for acquiring new customers through sponsorship in the luxury sector, the customer experience - of the sponsor as well as the sponsored person- must be particularly well groomed: it must integrate all points of contact, e-commerce and shops, the reward offers must be very valuable, and the welcome of the sponsored person must be experienced as a privileged moment.

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Programme relationnel - Luxe - Animation réseau de points de vente

Enliven the relationship with your points of sale

Your network of shops, whether they are own or independent outlets, is essential in the development of your business. To promote the appropriation of commercial tools, brand identity and understanding of its products, creating a programme dedicated to managers and sellers is a perfect animation tools. Combined with an incentive device, it allows you to accompany and reward commercial performance according to your criteria.

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