Programme de parrainage

Faites du parrainage votre premier levier d’acquisition

In the insurance sector, where the customer relationship is a long term one and is essentially based on trust to the brand and the consultant, sponsorship is a natural acquisition lever. To exploit it, nurturing the customer experience by making the sponsorship experience fluid and attractive, and integrating the consultant's central role into the journey is essential.

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Programme à points

Maintain the bond with your customers in the long term

The relationship between an insurance company and its members has a paradox: once the subscription is made, it is regular in financial exchanges (contributions, refunds), but not visible. Offering animation around content, services, and benefits in line with insurance products and values is therefore essential to strengthen the relationship and create opportunities for interaction with members.

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Programme de rétention client

Reduce client churn

Churn is a key economic issue for insurance and mutual companies. Some churn factors can be anticipated and offset through a dedicated relational programme. The relevant use of customer data to anticipate risk, the interconnection with the customer service and the creation of a system of compensation offers adapted to each situation of churn make it possible to reduce the attrition of insurance and mutual members.

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Courtier en assurance

Motivate and train your sales representatives, agents and brokers

Insurance consultants and brokers are the first players in your products distribution and the relationship with your customers. Creating a dedicated relational programme to motivate them on specific performance criteria, animate them regularly with personalised information about their performance or products and industry, and support them with training content is essential.

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