Santé - Accompagnez et formez les prescripteurs

Support and train health professionals

To encourage your professional clients to recommend your products, you need to support them and train them to recommend these products. Thanks to a “knowledge management" programme, with an incentive to consult information and training content, you will be able to increase their knowledge and develop a privileged relationship with point-of-sale consultants and sellers.

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Santé - Parapharmacie - Produits

Boost the sell-out of your distribution network

Creating a relational programme dedicated to your distribution network allows you to trigger booster campaigns on certain products, depending on your marketing news, in order to boost sell in and sell out. A para - pharmaceutical product sales reward system can be deployed in accordance with your legal framework.

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Programme à points

Managing tool for your sales representatives

Sales and activity data from distributors and points of sale provide rich material that can feed a platform dedicated to your sales representatives. They then have a piloting tool, which can be combined with a training and sales support programme ("sales enablement"), or even a commercial challenge.

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