Agroalimentaire - Enrichissez votre CRM et connaissez mieux vos clients

Enrich your CRM and get to know your customers better

Whether they are agricultural producers, processors, distributors or professional users, knowing your end customers well requires direct contact, without intermediaries. A loyalty programme allows you to capture CRM and transactional data to better understand your "diffuse" market and communicate in a direct and personalised way.

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Support your professional clients in the development of their business

In order to increase your market share in the agribusiness sector, you must promote the knowledge and mastery of your products. A relational programme that allows you to promote technical and learning content, and provide access to support, help or training services will strengthen your position.

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Create a privileged point of contact with your customers

The relational programme dedicated to your end customers, bringing added value to content, services and incentives, allows you to create a regular point of contact with a high level of commitment. It becomes a central point of your customer communication device and allows you to promote your products and offers in a personalised and controlled way, especially to boost up-sell and cross-sell.

Agroalimentaire - Dynamisez vos ventes

Boost your sales

Loyalty mechanisms work perfectly in B2B: with a point scale defined by product range or reference, you direct your sales towards the products that best contribute to your margin. Boosters campaigns allow you to animate your programme based on the seasonality of your market.

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Associate your distributors with the animation of your end customers

Your distribution network plays a key role in your business, and that's why they need to be associated with your CRM strategy. By giving them access to their customers ' animation and steering tools through your programme, you make them valuable allies in your marketing strategy. This can also be combined with a relational programme dedicated to distributors, to encourage their sell - in and sell-out.

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Create a managing tool for your sales representatives

The platform of your customer programme is an indispensable tool for your sales representatives: they access a complete tool for monitoring their customers, with indicators to measure their commercial performance, accurate data on the activity and commitment of each of their customers, and they are informed and animated according to an animation and reporting device specially designed for the sales forces. Finally, this device can be completed by a programme dedicated to sales, such as a sales force challenge.

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