Programme de parrainage

Increase your market share thanks to referrals

In the banking and financial services sector, the customer relationship is based on trust and long-term relationships. A sponsorship programme or ambassador programme will significantly increase your potential for conquest through the prescriptions and testimonials of your best customers, while retaining them.

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Programme à points

Look after your best customers

The value of your customers depends on criteria such as the duration of the relationship, the products subscribed, and the wealth put into management. With a statutory programme providing access to exclusive services and privileges based on status, you will create an additional business tool to boost the acquisition of new high-value customers and you will retain your best customers.

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Programme a contenu personnalisé

Punctuate the relationship with your customers over time

Although in the banking and financial sector, the contacts between the customer and his consultant are spaced out, the relationship between the brand and customers must be continuous: the quality of services can justify a significant frequency of use, and support through expert content to guide customers in the choice of banking solutions and in their investments brings value. In this context, designing a personalised animation programme for each customer helps strengthen the bond and increase loyalty.

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Programme de rétention client

Reduce churn

Customer base attrition is an essential economic factor for banks and financial services. In the case of banks, bank mobility accentuates this issue. By detecting weak signals of a churn risk, providing positive and relevant responses to each sign of dissatisfaction, strengthening the relationship at key moments, and allowing more listening and interaction, a relational programme can significantly reduce churn.

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Motivez et formez vos conseillers

Motivate and train your consultants

Your network consultants have specific performance goals: creating a challenge allows you to create emulation and gamification of performance, while enhancing an attractive rewards system. This incentive system can be extended to your consultants training system, rewarding the consultation of sales aid and learning content (e-learning).

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