Programme à engagement

Reward your customers' activity

To retain your customers and make them prescripters of your products, you need to recognise and reward demonstrations of their commitment to your brand. Any positive action such as viewing or sharing content, using your products, testimonials, or organizing a demonstration workshop can be rewarded based on its importance. The global view of a customer's activity allows you to define their engagement rate to your brand.

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Vente directe - Atelier de démonstration

Encourage the hosting of demonstration workshops

In the scheme of home sales, the creation of workshops is an essential goal. It is therefore vital to rely on an animation device that motivates and facilitates the creation of workshops by customers and the invitation of their contacts to discover the products.

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Programme de parrainage

Boost your business with a refer-a-friend programme

Prescription between customers is central to the marketing model of direct selling. This is why sponsorship fits perfectly into the customer journey of brands in this sector. Sponsorship can supplement the acquisition levers, for example by increasing the base of opt-in prospects.

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Vente directe - Relation conseillers

Animate the relationship with your advisors and demonstrators

In the direct sales sector, advisors have a special status: they are ambassador clients themselves, and can be assimilated to a sales force. It is essential to involve them in the relational  programme aimed at your customers, while creating an animation aimed at enhancing or even rewarding their performance in terms of creating workshops, sponsorships, and of course sales achieved.

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