Conseil et conception - Audit


We accompany you upstream of your project to get a clear picture of your relational marketing strategy and of your existing devices performance. We audit all customer paths and tools of your relational programmes, to help you define and plan their evolution.


Conseil et conception - Modele economique

Economic modelling

With our multi-sector experience in loyalty, we help you define your objectives and the business model of your programme: growth levers, measurement indicators, performance potential. We design for you the relevant indicators for measuring performance and return on investment (ROI).


Business plan
Création et design

Creation and design

Your performance also depends on the emotion created by the customer experience and the impact of your communications. That is why we put creation and UX design at the heart of our reflections and accompany you in the design of your relational programme.


Use cases
Animation and pilotage

Animation Plan

The animation of your programme is a key success factor: it must be regular, personalized, and creative. We co-create with you the animation plan of your relationship programme, integrating both the news of your brand and the individualised animation of customers through marketing automation. Animation planning is regularly updated and monitored.

Marketing automation
Text messages
Mobile wallet