What if your most effective lever for winning new customers was the promotion of current customers?

Reward your ambassadors and acquire new customers through referrals.

Leoo has designed a referral platform that allows you to manage resources from the most traditional to the most evolved, adapted to very specific constraints.

You will have everything you need to implement your referral strategy:
creation of a dedicated website, automated emails sent to ambassadors and referrals, tracking referral proposals, prizes and gift pages, back-office management.

Whether it’s a B2B or B2C referral programme in retail, banking, insurance, real-estate or a home-service app, we have designed the most effective solutions.

We create a customised resource that will perfectly slot in to your digital ecosystem thanks to clever interfacing (SSO, CRM, ERP, lead management).

Main benefits

High-performance purchase channel
Referrals represent between 30 and 60% of purchases depending on the sector.
Enriching your CRM
Referrals helps detect your brand’s ambassadors.
Boost engagement
Your referred customers are more likely to become ambassadors themselves.
Allianz boost the acquisition of new customers


  • Recruit new customers thanks to referrals
  • Reward ambassadors
  • Involve brokers and agents networks


  • Personalized platform
  • Communication targeted at customers and Allianz agents: marketing automation, omnichannel communication, personalization and segmentation
  • Tailored rewards selection


  • Over 100 000 referrers
  • Significant share of new customers recruited via Allianz Avantages referral programme
  • An increase of the loyalty and insurance product equipment of ambassadors
BNP Paribas recruits thanks to referrals


  • Recruit new customers
  • Reward customers thanks to a global reward points system


  • Personalized platform with SSO
  • Tailored and constantly updated rewards selection
  • Flash sales module


  • A seamless customer experience and productivity gains


  • Rely on active members of the programme "Merci Mon Thermomix" to refer new potentiel customers


  • Referral journey entirely integrated into the programme "Merci Mon Thermomix"
  • Reward referrers with points ("Mercis") in their programme
  • Collect opt-in contacts


  • Over 1000 new prospects afeter 4 months thanks to the referral


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