Scénariser l’animation grâce au marketing automation

Scripting animation through marketing automation

By automating much of customer communication, you'll achieve significantly gain in productivity while creating more responsiveness. Leoo helps you to design the best scenarios and automate them directly via its platform or by exploiting the intelligence of the platform to send messages with your tools if you already have one.

Dynamiser le programme tout au long de l’année grâce aux campagnes

Use campaigns to boost the programme throughout the year

Coordinate your targets throughout the year is a key success factor of  your programme. The platform will allow you to implement your animation plan, with many possibilities for gamification, and measure the impact in terms of engagement on your targets.

Orchestrer une animation omnicanale

Orchestrating omnichannel animation

Adapting the use of channels to different contexts, messages, preferences and marketing pressure is essential. Leoo allows you to orchestrate your messages, whether campaigns or automated messages, on all on-and off-line channels, with continuous optimisation of performance.


Text messages
Mobile wallet
Push notifications
In-app messaging

Capitalise on mobile wallets

Digital wallets (Apple Wallet and Google Pay) are very good extensions of loyalty programmes. Leoo integrates them natively to allow the display of key information to each user and especially to take advantage of the impact of these applications to broadcast messages and personalised and geolocation-based  offers.

Programme de fidélité sur wallet mobile
Personnaliser et individualiser l’animation

Customise and individualize animation

Customisation is linked to the very nature of customer communication. This is both a customer expectation and a key factor in the performance of each message. Leoo allows you to script an ultra-customised animation by taking advantage of the CDP data richness and the multiple possibilities of customisation via all channels.

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