Plateforme de fidélisation - Eligibilité et profils de membres

Eligibility and profile management

We've made every effort to provide differentiated access to your programme based on the user's profile, whether it's managing access restrictions or adapting the programme and customising the interface. Managing multi-account entities is possible.

Plateforme de fidélisation - Barèmes et gestion du “earn”

Scales and management of earn

The scale is the basis of a point-based loyalty program: it consists in rewarding purchases (based on a purchase's amount or product references), or valuing engagement actions, such as events participation or an interaction on social networks.

Plateforme de fidélisation - Récompense

Value and use of points

The points process allows the creation of a prize pool, progression in statuses, or a ranking related to performance.
In general it allows access to rewards, but it can also be used as a scoring and segmentation logic.

Site responsive dédié au programme

Tiers and exclusiveness

Tiers allows the enhancement of brand loyalty by dedicating the access to exclusive services and benefits to customers based on their history and level of engagement. The statuses numbers, update rules, and exclusive benefit hierarchy are configured through the platform.

Programme avec gamification de la performance


The success of a programme mainly depends on the formatting and frequency of incentive activation. Inherited from the world of video games, the principles of gamification that can be activated with Leoo are numerous and varied.


Instant win
Plateforme de fidélisation - Fonctionnalités et règles - Personnalisation

Personalization of content

To animate the customer relationship or to support your targets by training them to your products and services, the contents have an essential role in a relational programme. They are personalized according to the profile and history of the target, and content interactions can be integrated into the incentive system.

Back office - Moteur de règles et marketing automation

Play by the rules to increase the commitment of your targets tenfold

Leoo platform - Back office - Rule engine

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