Site responsive dédié au programme

Responsive website dedicated to the programme

Leoo allows you to quickly create and deploy your totally responsive programme's website matching your brand charter, in order to offer a complete and neat customer experience. They can then log into their account, and access their loyalty data, special operations, content, as well as exclusive rewards, services and benefits.

Seamless integration with a connected user space

Leoo's platform offers many possibilities to integrate its functions, content and personalized scenarios directly into your site or mobile application.


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Mobile wallet

Mobile wallets are essential, as they are installed on all mobile devices and used very frequently. They will allow you to give your customers access to the essential and customised information of the loyalty programme. For you, this is a very effective additional communication channel, which you can manage through Leoo.

Programme de fidélité sur wallet mobile
Programme de fidélité avec chat bot

Chat bot

Your loyalty programme can also take the form of a conversational programme with achat bot interface, for example with a customer interface such as Facebook Messenger. You then benefit from all the potential of the Leoo platform (data management, rules configuration, content and services...) as an API to feed the scenarios of your bot.

Service client

Dedicated customer service

A relational programme typically requires tailored customer service. The stake is all the more important as customer loyalty requires the recognition of a quality service. Our interfaces are designed to most effectively qualify, channel and respond to customer requests. Leoo has an expert team and the best tools to manage your programme's customer service.

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