Plateforme de fidélisation - unifier les données client

Unify and collect all customer data sources

A complete and unified customer view increases the relevance of your relationship programme. The Leoo Customer Data Platform (CDP) allows you to collect and reconcile customer data that you have, regardless of their source, in order to best serve the use cases of your programme.

Plateforme de fidélisation - CDP - Données comportementales et relationnelles

Create behavioral and relational data

Leoo expands your CRM and transactional data with a wide variety of data generated directly by the programme: user activities, content viewing, quiz and survey responses, product reviews, customer service conversations…

Plateforme de fidélisation - Scoring et segmentation

Calculate scores and segment

Thanks to customer data, commitment level, the potential for influence or the risk of churn can be calculated: they allow new segmentation for the animation and analysis of your programme's performance.

Plateforme de fidélisation - Conformité RGPD

Data Protection and GDPR compliance

Leoo's platform strictly complies with the General Data protection Regulation (GDPR), and allow to perfectly manages the consents and parameters of personal data retention. Access to data is secure and differentiated according to roles. Personal data are hosted in France.

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