Back office - Moteur de règles et marketing automation

Des possibilités infinies de scénarisation grâce au moteur de règles

Le back office permet de créer toutes les règles de votre programme en définissant le type d’éxécution, les conditions logiques basées sur les données du programme, et les actions.

Leoo platform - Back office - Rule engine

Gérez tous les contenus et animez votre programme

Le back office vous permet de créer et éditer intégralement le contenu de votre programme : pages du site, actualités, fiches produits, contenus éditoriaux, campagnes, boosters, jeux concours…

Leoo platform - Back office - Rule engine
Back office - Dashboard avec indicateurs de performance

Real-time indicator tracking Dashboard

Leoo gives you access to a complete and accurate real-time management dashboard, including all the indicators that will allow you to analyse the performance of your programme, in detail and overall. This dashboard leverages consolidated data from all data collected and generated by the programme across all channels, enabling accurate measurement by time periods and segments.

Plateforme - Business Plan

Modeling and updating the business plan

After modeling a business plan for the programme, taking into account the activity, products, targets, levers implemented, we create the most relevant steering indicators to manage the achievement of the overall objectives of your programme. These specifically configured indicators, such as growth rates, retention rates, or up-sell rates, allow the assumptions and trajectory of the business plan to be updated.

Plateforme - Incremental Performance Indicator

Incremental performance and ROI calculation

Our platform integrates specific algorithms to isolate and measure incremental performance, that is to say directly due to the efficiency of the implemented device, to allow you to manage accurately and objectively the return on investment (ROI) of your programme.

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