Leoo platform in 1 minute

A data-driven marketing platform

The Leoo platform is designed by marketers and data specialists, based on original and performance-oriented use cases, to guarantee both relevant customer experiences and incremental business efficiency.

A platform integrated to your ecosystem

The several integration possibilities of Leoo's platform will allow to streamline and secure the exchange of information, to optimize data exploitation and offer a richer and smoother experience to your programme beneficiaries.

All integration options

Our technological platform


  • Thorough
  • Modular
  • Data-driven
  • Api-centric
  • Easily integrable
Customer Data Platform dédiée
CDP dedicated to the programme
Fonctions et règles du programme
Functions and rules
Interfaces client
UX and interfaces
Récompenses et avantages
Rewards and priviledges
Orchestration omnicanale
Omnichannel Orchestration
Back office et pilotage
BO and performance monitoring
Leoo - Plateforme de fidélisation - Customer Data Platform
Unify and enhance your customer data to enable effective relationship scenarios
  • Centralization and reconciliation of customer data 
  • Behavioral and relational data generation by the programme
  • Scoring and segmentation
  • Consent management and GDPR compliance
Leoo - Plateforme de fidélisation - Fonctionnalités et règles
We fully configure your programme through our rules engine
  • Members Eligibility
  • Rewarded actions and scales (“earn”)
  • Value and points usage (“burn”)
  • Status
  • Sponsorship rules
  • Gamification
  • Content personalisation
Expérience client
Design a great and integrated customer experience in your digital ecosystem, across all touchpoints
  • Dedicated responsive website
  • Website or mobile application integration
  • Wallet mobile
  • Chat bot
Leoo - Plateforme de fidélisation - Catalogue de récompenses et avantages
Motivate and retain your customers with the promise of attractive rewards and privileges consistent with your brand
  • Online rewards orders
  • Gifts and ticketing Marketplace
  • Integration of your own offers
Leoo - Plateforme - Orchestration omnicanale
Script your customer communication across all channels to amplify engagement
  • Marketing automation
  • Campaign management
  • Omnichannel management
  • Mobile Wallets
Manage your data, incremental performance and your programme ROI
  • Rules configuration
  • Content management
  • Dashboard performance management
  • Business plan modelling
  • ROI calculation