Managing your distribution network and creating loyalty are essential to develop your business; they are your primary ambassadors and know all about your end-customers. A tailor-made engagement programme for your distributors will help support them and boost sales.

The Leoo platform means a quick launch of a customised programme to solve problems specific to the management of a distributor or reseller network: incentives for sales and growth, challenges, support and circulation of training content and information.

With you, we'll define the incentive mechanisms, service and support levels and a tailored management plan to boost relationships with sellers in your distribution network.

Our programmes naturally include functions adapted to distributor programmes: point-of-sale account management, points transfer, structure to help sales reps manage points of sale...

Finally, data represents the very heart of our network management programmes: collecting data about our end-customers to manage sell-ins and sell-outs or distribution network data for your sales reps.

Main benefits

Develop sales through your partners
By creating loyalty and incentivising your distributors with a customised programme, combining rewards and services.
Communicate directly with your resellers
A channel for circulating your content and training your resellers to help them sell even better.
A powerful tool for your sales reps.
Precise dashboards and statements so your sales teams can monitor distributor activity.
Baume & Mercier pilot their indirect sales network


  • Reward the performance of all sales rep of your indirect network
  • Forecast restocking needs of points-of-sale
  • Capture data about end customers


  • Personalized back office and reportings for commercial managers
  • Marketing animation of sales rep and creation of a direct channel to reach sales rep with training and information content about the brand's products
  • Tailored rewards selection, consistent with the luxury watchmaking universe
Altarea Cogedim Partenaires animate their network of asset management advisors

  • Rewards the turnover growth of each partner
  • Increase awareness all year long
  • Strengthen the link with the best partners thanks to events
  • Personalized back office  
  • Marketing animation
  • Tailored rewards selection
  • The programme has been extended to new products and targets in 2018
Toshiba engage their network of resellers

  • Incite and reward cross and up-selling thanks to tactical actions piloted by different countries
  • Boost the sales of key products
  • Value ambassadors thanks to a status-based offer of services
  • Conception, deployment, animation and management of a European programme (10 countries)
  • Back-Office for country managers
  • Marketing actions based on the analysis of sales
  • Over 15 000 active accounts


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