Reducing your customer loss is a marketing lever that deserves at least as much attention as the acquisition of new customers. ROI is higher: it is less costly to keep a customer than to win a new one.


To reduce customer loss, Leoo has four levels of action

  • Churn avoidance and anticipation using resources that help promote customer relations and maintain contact after purchase;
  • Data capture and a predictive approach to detect churn probabilities;
  • Alert solutions for sales managers;
  • Repair and inversion of damaged relations: turn a problem into a goldmine.

Main benefits

Enriched data
Data capture to feed a churn score
Reduce termination rates
Through a customised incident resolution approach
Continuous strategy optimisation
Actions to repair damaged customer relations are verified over time through A/B tests
Allianz retain dissatisfied customers


  • Lower the churn rate with a personalized approach of the customer incident resolution
  • Improve the customer satisfaction thanks to a proportioned goodwill gesture that will impress on the customer mind


  • Provide the commercial network and customer car service with a tool that allow them to trigger a gift or an offer for the customer, with a gradation depending on the incident
  • Tailored selection of gifts from 1 to 300 €


  • Decrease in the churn rate


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