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  • Encourage customers to meet Thermomix consultants
  • Facilitate the organisation of online culinary workshops
  • Retain and reward customers who organise culinary workshops
  • Acquiring customers through sponsorship


We have designed a relational programme rewarding the commitment to the Thermomix brand in various forms (purchase, Organisation of culinary workshops, sponsorships) with products adapted to the target and in particular accessories and services of Thermomix. The scale is configured to maximize workshops created online, with a large number of guests. Finally, a precise marketing automation device has been deployed to customise incentive messages based on each customer's history.


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  • More than 185,000 active members after 2 years
  • Nearly 200,000 culinary workshops registered in 2 years
  • 29%: average click-through rate of programme emails
  • + 25%: digitalisation of workshop invitations through the programme

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